At Hornaday Homes, we are a team dedicated to giving you, our customers, value - that being the best design, quality, and service for the most affordable price. Hornaday Homes is a newer name for an old company, Hornaday Construction Company, and we’ve been building finer homes in the Fayetteville area for over 40 years.

The most recent to join our staff is Jenny Hornaday MacKethan, and she has been on board for almost 12 years. After graduating from UNCW with a degree in Finance, she moved back home to work with her dad. Jenny helps in design, pricing, cost analysis, and product research.

Rudy Huff is our Construction Superintendent and has been with us for nearly 20 years. Rudy’s first priority is to maintain our time-honored standard of quality, as he supervises and coordinates the material and manpower that go into our homes.

Millie Mercure is our office manager and has been here for 18 years. Millie is our front-line of communication with the customers. She is dedicated to answering, or finding answers to, all of our customers’ questions and concerns, as well as guiding them through the various selections that will make their home special.

John Hornaday graduated from N.C. State with a degree in Engineering. In 1975 he returned to his hometown of Fayetteville and began applying his engineering skills in the design and construction of homes in the area. Like in the beginning, he continues his dedication to providing value for our customers, and to John, value in homebuilding means providing the best design, quality, and service for the most affordable price.